Setting up an Offshore Development Center-An advantage

Organizations big or small can now compete in the global market with the advent of the internet, favorable trade policies, better communication and the like. Business is now carried across the geographical boundaries of a country. This leads to a situation of intense competition, if an organization has an edge or advantage a competitor will learn and eventually catch up. Due to this, organizations now focus on their specialization and opt to outsource activities in which they are not experts and which can be outsourced instead of utilizing their time and effort which can be channelized to their respective areas of expertise.

Initially the activities like recruitment or after sales support were outsourced but now business processes are also relocated and the term used now is offshoring. Setting up an offshore center is complicated keeping in mind the important activities involved but the benefits far outweigh the risks and efforts involved.

Prakash Software helps organizations to set up an offshore development center which can be termed as an extension of their client’s office and is capable to meet a high level of performance and deliver results in a short span of time. On account of their experienced programmers and technical experts, Prakash Software can assure their clients that they are in good hands and guarantee an effective and smooth transition of business.

One of the advantages of setting up an offshore development center with the assistance of Prakash Software is the reduction of development costs, miscellaneous costs and labour costs. Other than the cost aspect the biggest advantage is the client’s ability to start up new ventures and being able to divide the work with the aid of the offshore development center. The client can focus on growth of the business whereas Prakash Software will handle the processes needed to ensure the growth. An Offshore Development center gives the client the ability to divide the tasks in order to attain synergy.

The advantages of setting up an offshore development center with the help of Prakash Software are as follows: trained and experienced staff which works in tandem with the clients team, their staff is available for discussions in case of any doubt or problem, the main focus would be the core competencies of the clients’ organization and good command over language along with the required technical knowledge makes coordination faster and more effective. Offshore development centers are a big advantage to an organization but only if they are implemented in a proper planned manner if done inappropriately it could be a hurdle rather than an advantage.

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